Andre AS

OVER JE AUTOOTJE: A red Fiat 500c called Red Sunshine.

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Hello, my name is Andreas Schunk, you know me at FB and in our Fiatclub by the name Andre AS. I was born in the year 1975. I am married with my wife and we are parents of three nice boys. I love my family and my red Fiat 500c. The name of my car is Red Sunshine. I am member since September 2017. My first tour with the very great Fiatclub was in Brielle. It was a very fantastic and good organized clubtour. Special thanks to Elles & Frank for a good start for me. I have a Fiat 500c with 69 PS. It is ok, because I am a cruiser. Normally the traffic jams are behind me when I cruise and drive about the streets. I bought the fiat 500c in Dezember 2016. See you. With the best wishes. Bye Andreas

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